The story
of Hel.

In ancient Norse mythology Hel was the third daughter of Loki, the Norse God of Mischief and a giantess named Angrboda. Odin believed the three children would bring disaster to the gods so Hel was brought to Asgaard to be raised by Odin himself.

Through no fault of her own Hel had been born with the bones on one side of her body exposed which repulsed the other citizens of Asgaard. A lack of friends and companions had depressed Hel. She was filled with loneliness and despair and requested of Odin that she be allowed to leave.

In pity Odin gave Hel the World of Niflheim. The world of the dead. In return he asked of Hel that she would care for the souls of the people after they had died. She took this job to her heart and judged each soul according to what they had done in their lives, sending them to one of the nine levels of the underworld. Good souls went to the good levels, the worst went to Náströnd, the abode of punishment.

So why did we choose Hel?

This may not seem like the most uplifting of stories, but despite her bad luck, her parentage and the hatred of the people she was raised with she found the courage to find her place in the world and perform her duties with fairness and care. She should be respected and admired for overcoming her own personal battles and shortcomings, not feared for her role as the Goddess of the Underworld.

Unless, of course, you have done something unworthy.

And us?

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