Well sus.

Zero Carbon

We didn’t pledge to be Net Zero by some distant date in the future. We just did it now. That said - we work from home studios which means no commuting, and can do most of our ‘face-to-face’ remotely. We are by nature a low carbon company, it’s one of the upsides of being so small.

We calculate our footprint with www.carbonfootprint.com. Unfortunately, we have to offset some of our emissions, we can’t make it to Zero without it. Just so you know - we use Tree Nation to make this happen and offset with Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Preservation in the Mt. Elgon Ecosystem, Uganda.

What’s going on upstream?

We won’t lie. Data-centres are not good for the environment. They use electricity (lots of), rare earth minerals (pesky processors) and kick out heat (oof).

Thankfully our suppliers are doing their own thing to reduce carbon emissions - including our UK data-centres that run on 100% renewables.




Where possible we support our communities. Wether it be donating art supplies to our local studio space, offering digital support for the amazing community run Edwardian Bath House that is Bramley Baths or even setting up sites and giving training to a community centre, we do what we can, when can.